Astrid Bohne
Dipl.-Ing. Architect
Tom Krause
Dipl.-Ing. Architect

The founders of  KRAUSE  BOHNE Architects + Planners International have established themselves during the last 30 years as leading architects and city planners in the international tourism industry.
In more than 25 countries, on four continents, KRAUSE BOHNE Architects + Planners International are planning and realizing:

•    City and resort hotels
•    Leisure facilities
•    Spa and wellness centres
•    Golf resorts
•    Marinas and their facilities.

The planning service include:

•    Urban design
•    Architecture
•    Interior design
•    Hotel management planning
•    Landscaping, marina and golf design.

The basis of our corporate philosophy is to produce sophisticated architecture that respects and incorporates the natural landscape and the cultural heritage of the respective country.
Innovative energy strategies, sustainability and the use of resource-efficient building materials are an obvious and important part of our work.