Land Fleesensee

Immediately after the reunification of Germany (in 1991/1995), 500 acres of land were acquired together with the purchase of the historic Blücher Castle in order to develop the largest interconnected resort in Central and Northern Europe.

KRAUSE BOHNE Architects + Planners International was responsible for the project philosophy and for the touristic and architectural masterplanning, including 16 project-related development plans with preliminary designs for all hotel facilities, five golf courses, and a village and equestrian centre.

Blücher Castle with its colourful 200-year history was completely redesigned through restoration and extensive enhancements to create a luxury hotel (managed by Radisson Blu).
This was an opportunity to combine old with new in order to create a harmonious unit, without merely producing a simple copy of the bygone splendour. Instead, the new buildings display their own unique features that make them clearly recognizable as new additions.

This exciting interplay of old and new was made possible by a very discreet adaptation of historical forms and scales, which have been interpreted in a contemporary way using modern tools and materials.

Mecklenburg Lake District/Germany
Radisson Blu - 180 keys
Club Robinson - 245 keys
TUI Dorfhotel - 250 keys
Immobilienfond, Berlin
Architectural design
Leading architect of the resort
Spring 2000
Invest. vol.:
DM 397 million
3 hotels
shopping mall
thermal spring & spa centre
equestrian centre
conference centre
golf club and tennis centre
5 golf courses/golf arena